Season 1 (2009 - 2010)Edit

# Title Original Air Date English Air Date
01 "The Fairy Tail"

"Yōsei no Shippo"(妖精の尻尾)

October 12, 2009 September 30, 2010
Natsu and his cat Happy have traveled to the town of Hargeon in search of a dragon known as Igneel. There they run into Lucy, a young wizard who is determined to join the Fairy Tail wizards' guild. Lucy meets a wizard claiming to be the famous Salamander of Fairy Tail, who uses his charms to trick young women into coming aboard his ship so he can kidnap them. Lucy nearly falls into the same trap, but Natsu rescues her and reveals himself to be the real Salamander, inviting her to join Fairy Tail.
02 "Fire Dragon, Monkey, and Bull"

"Karyū to Saru to Ushi"(火竜と猿と牛)

October 19, 2009 October 1, 2010
Natsu and Happy bring Lucy to the Fairy Tail headquarters in Magnolia where she officially joins Fairy Tail. For her first job, she travels with Natsu and Happy to Mt. Hakobe in search of a missing wizard named Macao. There they encounter a monster called a Vulcan that has taken control of Macao's body, returning him to normal when it is defeated.
03 "Infiltrate the Everlue Mansion!!"

"Sennyū Seyo!! Ebarū Yashiki!!"(潛入せよ!! エバルー屋敷!!)

October 26, 2009 October 4, 2010
Natsu and Happy team up with Lucy and accept a job to steal a book entitled Daybreak from Everlue Mansion, only to discover that the job has been changed to destroying the book, with the reward greatly increased. They break into the mansion and find the book, but Lucy reads it and discovers its hidden secrets. Before they can destroy the book, they are confronted by the mansion's owner, Duke Everlue, and his mercenaries.
04 "Dear Kaby"

"DEAR KABY: Shin'ai Naru Kābi e"(DEAR KABY 〜親愛なるカービィへ〜)

November 2, 2009 October 5, 2010
Through Lucy's efforts, she, Natsu and Happy defeat Duke Everlue and deliver the book to their client, Kaby, the son of the book's author. Kaby explains that his father consideredDaybreak to be the worst book he had ever written, and intends to destroy it to protect his father's honor. However, Lucy reveals that the book contains a secret message for Kaby from his father as an apology for neglecting him over the years while writing the book for Everlue. Out of respect, Natsu and Happy decline the reward, to Lucy's chagrin.
05 "The Wizard in Armor"

"Yoroi no Madōshi"(鎧の魔導士)

November 9, 2009 October 6, 2010
Erza, one of the most powerful wizards of Fairy Tail, enlists Natsu and Gray to assist her on a mission to stop the dark guild Eisenwald, who intend to use Lullaby, a demonic flute with the power to kill anyone who hears its music, to assassinate the Guild Masters of Fiore during their regular conference.
06 "Fairies in the Wind"

"Yōsei-tachi wa Kaze no Naka"(妖精たちは風の中)

November 16, 2009 October 7, 2010
The heroes are lured into a train station where the Eisenwald Guild are holed up, thinking they will broadcast Lullaby's music from there. While fighting the dark guild members, they discover that Eisenwald's leader Erigor has escaped for the town of Clover where the Guild Masters are holding their conference, intending to play Lullaby there, and has trapped them inside the station with a barrier of wind.
07 "Flame and Wind"

"Honō to Kaze"(炎と風)

November 23, 2009 October 8, 2010
Natsu defeats Eisenwald member Kageyama, who Erza hopes will help them dispel the wind barrier around the station, but Kageyama is gravely wounded by another Eisenwald member. Happy reveals that he had stolen the key for the Celestial Spirit Virgo from Duke Everlue, allowing Lucy to summon her and use her power to burrow out from beneath the station with Kageyama in tow. Meanwhile, Natsu tracks down and fights Erigor to stop him from reaching Clover.
08 "The Strongest Team!!!"

"Saikyō Chīmu!!!"(最強チーム!!!)

November 30, 2009 October 11, 2010
Although Natsu defeats Erigor, Kageyama steals Lullaby and escapes to Clover where he prepares to play it and kill the Guild Masters, but has a change of heart and surrenders after speaking with Makarov, the leader of Fairy Tail. However, this outrages and awakens the demon sealed within the flute, which attempts to kill the Guild Masters on its own. Combining their powers, Natsu, Gray and Erza destroy Lullaby and rescue the Guild Masters.
09 "Natsu Devours a Village"

"Natsu, Mura o Kū"(ナツ、村を食う)

December 7, 2009 October 12, 2010
While returning home from Clover, the heroes stumble upon a town completely devoid of people. Their presence activates a spell that transforms everything in the town into giant monsters, but Marakov saves everyone by deactivating the spell, freeing the townsfolk who were trapped inside the monster as well.
10 "Natsu vs. Erza"

"Natsu vs. Eruza"(ナツ vs. エルザ)

December 14, 2009 October 13, 2010
Natsu challenges Erza to a fight to prove his strength, but their battle is interrupted when Erza is arrested for the damages caused during the battles against Eisenwald. Natsu tries to rescue her, only to learn that she is merely standing in a mock trial for the Magic Council to display their authority. Once she is released, Natsu tries to resume their battle, but she promptly beats him by punching him in the stomach. Still determined to prove himself, Natsu secretly embarks on an S-rank mission against Marakov's permission, persuading Lucy into coming with him.
11 "The Cursed Island"

"Norowareta Shima"(呪われた島)

December 21, 2009 October 14, 2010
Natsu Lucy and Happy set off to their mission's destination of Galuna Island, which has been inflicted with a curse that causes the island's inhabitants to transform into demons when exposed to moonlight. Gray is sent by Fairy Tail to try and bring them back, but is dragged into the mission instead. While exploring the island, the heroes discover the frozen body of Deliora, a demon that Gray's teacher Ur sacrificed herself for to seal away.
12 "Moon Drip"

"Mūn Dorippu"(月の雫(ムーンドリップ))

January 4, 2010 October 15, 2010
The heroes discover that a dark guild on the island is using a spell called "Moon Drip" to revive Deliora, which they reason to be the cause of the island's curse. Gray recognizes the guild's leader as Lyon, another one of Ur's former students, who blames Gray for killing Ur and hopes to defeat Deliora with his own hands to surpass her.
13 "Natsu vs. Yuka "The Wave""

"Natsu vs. Hadō no Yūka"(ナツ vs. 波動のユウカ)

January 11, 2010 October 18, 2010
Natsu brings Gray back to the village after he is badly injured during his fight with Lyon. Although Lyon's henchmen destroy the village, Natsu manages to protect everyone from dark guild member Yuka, whose magic can nullify other magic. Meanwhile, Lucy fights with Sherry, another dark guild member with the power to control her Celestial Spirits.
14 "Do What You Must!!"

"Katte ni Shiyagare!!"(勝手にしやがれ!!)

January 18, 2010 October 19, 2010
After Lucy defeats Sherry, Erza arrives on Galund Island to apprehend the heroes and bring them back to the guild for punishment, showing no interest in the situation the islanders are in. After Gray states his intention to defeat Lyon no matter what, however, Erza relents and sets them free to look for Natsu, who tries to defeat Lyon and prevent Deliora's resurrection by himself. Along the way, Gray reveals that Ur is still alive.
15 "Eternal Magic"

"Eien no Mahō"(永遠の魔法)

January 25, 2010 October 20, 2010
Gray reveals how he was rescued by Ur and Lyon ten years ago after his hometown was destroyed by Deliora. Seeking revenge against the demon, Gray became Ur's student to learn magic in order to defeat it. When Deliora reappeared, however, Ur sealed Deliora away using "Iced Shell," a spell that turns its user's body into ice to freeze its target. Although Ur remains alive in this form, she told Gray to tell Lyon that she died in the hopes that he wouldn't spend his life trying to return her to normal, sparking Lyon's grudge against Gray.
16 "Galuna Island, The Final Battle"

"Garuna-tō, Saishū Kessen"(ガルナ島 最終決戦)

February 1, 2010 October 21, 2010
Gray confronts Lyon and tries to use Iced Shell against him, but is stopped by Natsu and realizes that doing so would be meaningless as Lyon could be restored by his henchmen. Gray tells Lyon the truth about Ur, but Lyon admits that he had known this all along and still intends to melt Ur's former body. Enraged, Gray defeats Lyon, but fails to stop the Moon Drip from resurrecting Deliora.
17 "Burst"


February 8, 2010 October 22, 2010
The heroes attempt to stop Deliora, only to learn that Ur had drained its strength over the ten years that it was frozen, causing it to die shortly after its resurrection is complete. Even with Deliora's death, however, everyone realizes that they have yet to lift the island's curse. They return to the village to find that it has been repaired, secretly by a member of the Magic Council disguised as one of Lyon's henchmen, and the villagers reason that they must lift the curse by destroying the moon itself.
18 "Reach the Sky!"

"Todoke, Ano Sora ni"(届け あの空に)

February 15, 2010 October 25, 2010
Natsu and Erza lift the curse by aiming their attacks at the moon, destroying a magical film cast over the island by the Moon Drip, which turns out to be the direct cause of the curse. Furthermore, it is revealed that the curse hadn't turned the islanders into demons; rather, they had been demons all along, and the curse caused them to lose their memories of it. Freed from their obsession with Deliora, Lyon and his henchmen resolve to change their ways, while Erza brings the others back to Fairy Tail to be punished.
19 "Changeling"


February 22, 2010 October 26, 2010
Natsu finds a strange-looking request on the job board and chants the words written on it, causing him and several other members of Fairy Tail to switch bodies with each other. Levy and her partners try to break the spell, but only manage to save some of the guild members while even more members swap bodies as well. The episode ends without revealing how everyone manages to change back to normal.
20 "Natsu and the Dragon Egg"

"Natsu to Doragon no Tamago"(ナツとドラゴンの卵)

March 1, 2010 October 27, 2010
Mirajane tells Lucy the story of how Natsu found Happy as an egg when he was younger and helped care for it together with Mirajane and Elfman's younger sister Lisanna, a former member of the Fairy Guild.
21 "Phantom Lord"

"Yūki no Shihaisha"(幽鬼の支配者)

March 8, 2010 October 28, 2010
The Fairy Tail guild house is attacked by a rival guild known as Phantom Lord. At first, Marakov refuses to take action in order to maintain the law of neutrality among guilds, but when Levy and her group are hospitalized after being attacked by Phantom Lord's resident Dragon Slayer, Gajeel, war breaks out as Makarov leads Fairy Tail to attack Phantom Lord. Meanwhile, Lucy is kidnapped by Juvia and Sol, two of Phantom Lord's most powerful members, Element 4.
22 "Lucy Heartfilia"

"Rūshī Hātofiria"(ルーシイ・ハートフィリア)

March 15, 2010 October 29, 2010
Marakov battles with Jose, the leader of Phantom Lord, but is drained of his magical power by Aria of Element 4, forcing Fairy Tail to retreat. Learning that Lucy has been kidnapped by Phantom Tail, Natsu makes his way to their tower headquarters to rescue her. There Lucy learns that the one who ordered her kidnapping was her own father, with Phantom Lord's attacks meant to fulfill her his request of bringing her back to the Heartfilia family estate after she ran away from home. Desperate to escape, Lucy leaps from her tower window and is saved by Natsu.
23 "15 Minutes"


March 22, 2010 November 1, 2010
Phantom Tail appears in Magnolia to destroy Fairy Tail with its magic cannon, Jupiter, but Erza sacrifices herself to defend everyone from the attack. Given fifteen minutes until the cannon is fired again and left without their strongest fighters, Lucy is taken away to safety while Natsu tries to destroy Jupiter, leaving everyone else to defend the guild.
24 "So No One Sees the Tears"

"Sono Namida o Minai Tame ni"(その涙を見ない為に)

March 29, 2010 November 2, 2010
Natsu successfully destroys Jupiter while fighting with Totomaru of Element 4. In response, the Phantom Lord guild house is transformed into a giant and begins casting the forbidden magic Abyss Break to wipe out all of Magnolia at once. Mirajane offers herself to Phantom Lord while disguised as Lucy, but they see through her disguise and capture her. Meanwhile, Elfman, having infiltrated Phantom Tail with Gray, is confronted by Sol, who forces him to relive his guilt caused by killing Lisanna. Upon seeing Mirajane as a hostage, however, Elfman prepares to use his most powerful spell, Beast Soul, against Sol.
25 "A Flower Blooms in the Rain"

"Ame no Naka ni Saku Hana"(雨の中に咲く華)

April 12, 2010 November 3, 2010
Elfman defeats Sol and rescues Mirajane, who notices that the casting of Abyss Break has slowed down and deduces that they can stop the spell by defeating all of the Element 4 members. Gray encounters Juvia, who immediately falls in love with him and goes through various mood swings that affect the course of their battle. Gray manages to defeat her, leaving Natsu to fight against the final member of Element 4, Aria.
26 "Wings of Fire"

"Honō no Tsubasa"(炎の翼)

April 19, 2010 November 4, 2010
Makarov awakens, while Erza joins the fight against Aria of the Heavens and finishes him off. Meanwhile, Lucy is kidnapped from Fairy Tail's safehouse by Gajeel, despite Loke's frenzied efforts to reach her in time. While Phantom Lord steps in to fight Erza, she tells Natsu to save Lucy.
27 "The Two Dragon Slayers"

"Futari no Doragon Sureiyā"(二人の滅竜魔導士)

April 26, 2010 November 5, 2010
To save Lucy, Natsu must fight Gajeel, steel Dragon Slayer magic user whose magic cannot be penetrated by Natsu's fire Dragon Slayer magic.
28 "Fairy Law"

"Fearī Rō"(フェアリーロウ)

May 3, 2010 November 8, 2010
Worn out but still willing to fight, Erza refuses to back down in her fight against Phantom Lord. Makarov returns, stating that as the "parent," he refuses to let his "children" fight any longer in a battle that he should have ended at the start. As he casts the powerful Fairy Law spell, Natsu continues to fight Gajeel as Lucy struggles to help her friend.
29 "My Resolve"

"Atashi no Ketsui"(あたしの決意)

May 10, 2010 November 9, 2010
The battle between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord ends with Fairy Law while Natsu and Gajeel find they may have more in common than they realized. Lucy returns to the guild to apologize, and decides to return home to her father, much to the dismay of her friends, who follow her. Despite the fantastic wealth and endless servants at her disposal, Lucy stands up to her father and declare that her home is with Fairy Tail, breaking ties with him, leaving him for good. As she leaves her family's estate, Lucy is happy,and shocked to find her friends running up to her as if she was about to make the hugest mistake in her life.
30 "Next Generation"


May 17, 2010 November 10, 2010
With Fairy Tail as notoriously wild as ever, the Magic Council expresses its disapproval but is unable to force them to disband. Meanwhile, as Fairy Tail rebuilds, the suggestion that Makarov retires has him considering the possible candidates for his successor: his grandson Laxus, the reclusive Mystogan, and Erza. However, when he hears of the results of Erza and her group's latest mission, he reconsiders retiring.
31 "The Star That Cannot Return to the Heavens"

"Sora ni Modorenai Hoshi"(空に戻れない星)

May 24, 2010 November 11, 2010
Loke begins acting strangely, particularly around Lucy, whom Loke has always avoided in the past. When he breaks up with all his girlfriends and disappears, a concerned Lucy investigates and realizes that Loke is not an ordinary mage: he is actually a Celestial Spirit who has been banned from returning to the Spirt World.
32 "The Spirit King"


May 31, 2010 November 12, 2010
After Lucy discovers that Loke is a Celestial Spirit, he reveals the reason why he is trapped on Earth. By drawing out their contract in order to prevent his previous master, Karen Lilica, from abusing his friend Aries, Loke prevented her from summoning other spirits to protect herself, thus indirectly caused her death. As Loke begins to fade away, Lucy's resolve to save him by challenging the law that Loke has broken invokes the Celestial Spirit King to appear before them.
33 "Tower of Heaven"

"Rakuen no Tō"(楽園の塔)

June 7, 2010 November 15, 2010
While on vacation at the Kingdom's best resort, Erza seems to be haunted by glimpses from her past. When Erza and Happy are abducted, they are taken into the Tower of Heaven to Jellal. As Natsu and the gang rush to save her, they begin to learn about Erza's dark past.
34 "Jellal"


June 21, 2010 November 16, 2010
As a big battle begins in the darkness of the Tower of Heaven, Erza's past begins to unfold and the mysterious R-system is revealed.
35 "Voice of Darkness"

"Yami no Koe"(闇の声)

June 28, 2010 November 17, 2010
Erza and Jellal's pasts and their connection is revealed, along with why Erza gained her skills as a mage.
36 "Heaven's Game"

"Rakuen Gēmu"(楽園ゲーム)

July 5, 2010 November 18, 2010
Following the revolt against Jellal, it is revealed that two of his "comrades" betrayed him to Erza. Meanwhile, Lucy and Juvia seems to find themselves tied up with a very loud enemy, while Natsu fights with a really "fowl" enemy.
37 "Heart's Armor"

"Kokoro no Yoroi"(心の鎧)

July 12, 2010 November 19, 2010
The revolt continues as Fairy Tail fights the members of the assassin group Trinity Raven. Juvia of the Deep is possessed, forcing Lucy to fight against her, while Natsu is eaten by another enemy. Gray and Erza's relationship with each other when Erza first arrived at Fairy Tail is revealed. Meanwhile, Erza is still trapped in Sho's card.
38 "Destiny"


July 19, 2010 November 22, 2010
Convinced by Siegrain's arguments, the Magic Council prepares to fire the lethal weapon Etherion on the Tower of Heaven. Meanwhile, having beaten the leader of the assassin group Trinity Raven, Erza advances to face Jellal alone.
39 "A Prayer Under the Holy Light"

"Seinaru Hikari ni Inori o"(聖なる光に祈りを)

July 26, 2010 November 23, 2010
Etherion is fired but the Tower of Heaven remains and becomes a lacrima, which is its true form. Jellal's true intentions are revealed as Natsu confronts Jellal. While Natsu appears to gain the upper hand, Jellal has allowed it in order to determine the extent of Natsu's power and turns the tables against Natsu. Despite being badly beaten, Natsu remains as fired up as ever, ready to defeat Jellal by destroying the Tower of Heaven instead.
40 "Titania Falls"

"Titānia, Chiru"(妖精女王, 散る)

August 2, 2010 November 24, 2010
Simon sacrifices himself to save Erza and Natsu from an enraged Jellal. Natsu's attempt to stop Jellal by consuming lacrima backfires, though Natsu succeeds at defeating Jellal. However, unstable power of Etherion started to leak out of the lacrima and it will cause a huge explosion. Erza decides to fuse with the liquified lacrima to save her friends. It is also the part where Natsu finds his true power.
41 "Home"


August 9, 2010 November 25, 2010
Erza floats above what looks like her funeral, as everyone is crying and Makarov is delivering a speech on her death. However, when she hears Natsu's voice and she awakens from her vision, alive and greeted by all her friends. Natsu and his friends return to the newly rebuilt Fairy Tail, with Juvia and Gajeel as new members.
42 "Battle of Fairy Tail"

"Batoru Obu Fearī Teiru"(バトル·オブ·フェアリーテイル)

August 16, 2010 November 26, 2010
Short on money, Lucy decides to compete in the Miss Fairy Contest to win the 500 000 jewel prize, in spite of stiff competition. However, the contest goes awry when Laxus arrives with his three bodyguards, the Raijinshū. Evergreen turns the all the contestants into stone as hostages for Laxus's challenge: the Battle of Fairy Tail. To save the contestants, the entire guild must find Laxus and Raijinshū within three hours and defeat them. However, Fried Justine has set up runes all over Magnolia Town creating traps with specified rules, including one that prevents people over 80 from passing a barrier has been set up around the guildhouse.
43 "Defeat Your Friends to Save Your Friends"

"Tomo no Tame ni Tomo o Ute"(友の為に友を討て)

August 23, 2010 November 29, 2010
The Battle of Fairy Tail moves into high gear, and Fairy Tail members are falling left and right, forced to fight each other to save their friends. With the weakest out of the way, the Raijinshū themselves start to join in. Back at the guildhouse, Makarov, Natsu, and Gajeel are trapped. Frustrated, Natsu serendipidously frees Erza from her stone form allowing her to join the fray. To everyone's amazement, the reclusive Mystogan returns to even the odds.
44 "Thunder Palace"

"Kaminari Den"(神鳴殿)

August 30, 2010 November 30, 2010
Erza defeats Evergreen, freeing everyone under the stone spell. Since Laxus has lost his hostages, he takes the whole city hostage with Thunder Palace: lightning lacrimas in the sky that will rain down bolts of lightning and have been enchanted with Body Link Magic, which deals equal damage to the one who attacks it. While Fried is sent to finish off the remaining members of Fairy Tail, Laxus declares he will deal with Erza and Mystogan. Meanwhile, Levy works to dispel the runes around the guildhouse as Lucy and Happy encounter Bixlow. Despite her best efforts, Lucy is overwhelmed and her keys stolen until Loke arrives by his own will to save her and continue the battle.
45 "Satan's Descent"

"Satan Kōrin"(サタン降臨)

September 6, 2010 December 01, 2010
Lucy and Loke defeat Bixlow while Cana and Juvia are forced to fight one another because of Fried's runes. Juvia, wishing to be accepted by the guild, sacrifices herself by hitting a lightning lacrima in order to free Cana. As Cana retaliates, Elfman and Mirajane arrive, which results in Elfman fighting and losing to Fried. Frustrated with feelings of helplessness, Mirajane unleashes her power, Satan Soul Take Over, and defeats Fried.
46 "Clash at Kardia Cathedral"

"Gekitotsu! Karudia Daiseidō"(激突!カルディア大聖堂)

September 13, 2010 December 02, 2010
With all of the Raijinshu defeated, only Laxus remains. Mystogan arrives and holds his own against Laxus, but Erza and Natsu's arrival distracts him, allowing Laxus to attack and reveal Mystogan's face is the same as Jellal's. Before departing, Mystogan reveals he's not Jellal but he has heard of him, and leaves Natsu and Erza to finish the fight. Erza, too stunned by the revelation of Mystogan's identity, is ineffective against Laxus and leaves Natsu to fight him while she disables the Thunder Palace.
47 "Triple Dragon"

"Toripuru Doragon"(トリプル ドラゴン)

September 20, 2010 December 03, 2010
With Erza's magical power is running out, the remaining members of Fairy Tail step in to help disable the Thunder Palace, but are rendered unconscious by the effect of the Body Link Magic afterward. Natsu is overwhelmed by Laxus until Gajeel arrives to even the odds. Laxus reveals that he is also actually a Dragon Slayer (taught by the lacrima) and casts the Fairy Law spell. When Levy appears and tells Laxus that Makarov is dying, Laxus responds that his chances of being the Master has increased.
48 "Fantasia"


September 27, 2010 December 06, 2010
After casting Fairy Law, Laxus notices that nobody has been killed, as he in fact, never thought of any of Fairy Tail as enemies, much to his surprise. Laxus and Natsu finally clash one last time and with help of Gajeel, Natsu is able to defeat Laxus. Fantasia is postponed for one day, and an injured Laxus goes to Fairy Tail to talk with Makarov, which ends with Laxus expelled, though on good terms. When the Fantasia parade begins, Laxus realizes that Makarov and the rest of the guild will always watch over him when he sees the Master and everyone else hold their hands up in the signal that Laxus made up as a child so that Makarov would know that Laxus was watching him.

Season 2 (2010 - 2011) (Has not been released in English yet- subbed only) Edit

# Title Original Air Date
49 "The Day of the Fateful Encounter"

"Unmei no Deai no Hi"(運命の出会いの日)

October 11, 2010
A reporter from "The Weekly Sorcerer" comes to interview Fairy Tail. Cana tells Lucy that she will have a fateful encounter.
50 "Special Request: Watch Out for the Guy You Like!"

"Tokubetsu Irai. Kini Naru Kare ni Chūi Seyo!"(特別依頼。気になる彼に注意せよ!)

October 18, 2010
Love is in the air as Lucy thinks that Natsu has secret feelings for her. Meanwhile, Fairy Tail is turned upside down when Juvia tries to use a love potion to further her own relationship with Gray - only to cause havoc when the potion causes everyone who drinks it to believe the first thing they see is a rival instead.
51 "Love & Lucky"


October 25, 2010
Lucy's father, now ruined, approaches her for money now that Heartfilia Railways has been seized, which Lucy refuses. However, when she learns that the Love and Lucky trade guild in Acalypha has been held up by armed robbers, she goes to save them since she recalls her father mentioned he would try to find work there.
52 "Allied Forces, Gather Up!"

"Rengōgun, Shūketsu!"(連合軍、集結!)

November 1, 2010
To defeat the dark guild Oración Seis, Fairy Tail delegates Natsu, Erza, Gray, and Lucy to join members from Blue Pegasus (Hibiki, Eve, and Ren), Lamia Scale (Lyon, Sherry, and Jura), and Cait Shelter in a joint effort. Everyone is stunned, however, when the representatives from Cait Shelter arrive - a young girl named Wendy and her cat companion, Charle.
53 "Oración Seis Appears!"

"Orashion Seisu Arawaru!"(六魔将軍(オラシオンセイス)現る!)

November 8, 2010
The six powerful mages of Oración Seis intends to unseal Nirvana, a powerful spell, and the four guilds must work together to stop them. However, their plans go awry when Oración Seis member Angel learns their plans and undermines their efforts. With all members defeated, the guild leader Brain recognizes Wendy and captures her and Happy.
54 "Maiden of the Sky"

"Tenkū no Miko"(天空の巫女)

November 15, 2010
With Erza slowly being poisoned to death, Charle reveals that Wendy's powers as a Sky Dragon Slayer can heal Erza, which sends everyone off to rescue their friends. However, Natsu, Gray, and Charle are inhibited by members of the dark guild Naked Mummy. Meanwhile, Wendy is forced to resurrect Jellal.
55 "The Girl and the Ghost"

"Shōjo to Bōrei"(少女と亡霊)

November 22, 2010
Despite being aware of Jellal's past, Wendy reluctantly revives him because she mysteriously confesses she owes him her life. Nearing the base, Gray stays behind to fight Oración Seis mage Racer while Natsu and Charle goes on to rescue Wendy and Happy. Though shocked to find Jellal alive, Natsu and his friends leave in order to save Erza.
56 "Dead Grand Prix"

"Deddo Guran Puri"(デッドGP(グランプリ))

November 29, 2010
As Hibiki directs Natsu on how to find Erza, Gray faces off against Racer with difficulty. Despite being joined by Lyon and Sherry, Racer maintains the upper hand and tries to destroy them all with an explosive lacrima. When Lyon grabs Racer and jumps off a cliff, a huge explosion ensues; Brain realizes that Racer has been defeated and awakens the mage Midnight.
57 "Darkness"


December 06, 2010
While Jura fights Hot Eye of the Heavenly Eye, Cobra follows Jellal, whose mind he cannot read, in hopes of finding Nirvana. Wendy wakes up and heals Erza, who secretly goes off to find Jellal; in response, Natsu goes off to find Jellal to prevent him from meeting Erza. Hibiki reveals the power of Nirvana - it has the power to invert light and dark within people, thus people of light who feel powerful negative emotion fall into darkness. Unfortunately, Nirvana has already begun to affect everyone in the area, including Wendy, Sherry, Hot Eye, Ren, Midnight, and Eve.
58 "Spirit Battle"

"Seirei Gassen"(星霊合戦)

December 13, 2010
Lucy, Hibiki, Wendy, Charle, and Happy pursue Natsu, who has been defeated by an uncharacteristic Gray. When Oración Seis Celestial Spirit mage Angel reveals "Gray" is actually the spirit Gemini, she engages Lucy in a battle where Lucy's most powerful spirits, Aquarius and Loke, are thwarted by Angel's superior understanding of Celestial Spirit relationships by summoning Scorpio and Aries. When things look bleak for Lucy, Hibiki provides her with the powerful Urano Metoria spell that defeats Angel.
59 "Recollections of Jellal"

"Tsuioku no Jerāru"(追憶のジェラール)

December 20, 2010
Though Angel is defeated, Lucy and Natsu end up falling down a giant waterfall; when they regain consciousness, they are attacked by Sherry, who is stopped by Gray and Lyon. Wendy reveals to Charle her past concerning Jellal and how she came to Cait Shelter. Meanwhile, Erza finds an amnesiac Jellal at the site of Nirvana; Jellal reveals that he placed a self-destructive spell on Nirvana, which Oración Seis mage Cobra is unable to dispel. Seeing the pain he has caused Erza, Jellal places a self-destructive magic upon himself.
60 "March to Destruction"

"Hametsu no Kōshin"(破滅の行進)

December 27, 2010
Brain manages to gain control of Nirvana and actives its second stage - a monster that begins marching towards Cait Shelter, causing Natsu, Gray, Lucy, and Happy to rush off and defeat it. When Natsu and Happy try to get ahead, they are forced into an aerial battle against Cobra. Meanwhile, Erza saves Jellal and convinces him to live for the future, and they begin to devise a plan to destroy Nirvana.
61 "Super Aerial Battle! Natsu vs. Cobra"

"Chōkūchūsen! Natsu vs. Cobra"(超空中戦! ナツvs.コブラ)

January 10, 2011
Because Cobra can predict all his moves, Natsu can't gain the upper hand until he fights instinctively. When Cobra uses his new generation "poison" dragon slayer magic, Natsu loses his mobility, but wins the battle with a deafening roar.
62 "Jura, the Tenth Saint"

"Seiten no Jura"(聖十のジュラ)

January 17, 2011
In a short battle, Jura demonstrates his power as one of the ten Wizard Saints and defeats Brain. Hot Eye has nearly defeated Midnight, until Brain's last prayer - that Midnight should never disappear - revives Midnight and allows him to defeat Hot Eye instantly as he is unaffected by magic. Natsu and the others continue their efforts to try and stop Nirvana's advance on Cait Shelter.
63 "It is Your Words"

"Kimi no Kotoba Koso"(君の言葉こそ)

January 24, 2011
Midnight fights a battle with Erza and Jellal; being weakened from the destruction magic, Jellal loses the fight easily. After initially being overwhelmed, Erza figures out the true form of Midnight's magic and prepares to fight him again. Meanwhile, Wendy searches for Jellal in order to find the necessary information that will help Natsu and the others stop Nirvana.
64 "Zero"


January 31, 2011
Erza manages to overcome Midnight's illusory magic, while Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy confront Brain's staff, Klodoa. Realizing Midnight's defeat, Klodoa explains that Brain has an alternate destructive personality called Zero that was kept sealed by the members of the Oración Seis using body link magic. The seal is released and Zero emerges and defeats Natsu, Gray, Lucy and Happy with ease. Erza, Jellal, Wendy and Charle make haste as Zero initiates Nirvana to fire upon Cait Shelter.
65 "From Pegasus to The Fairies"

"Tenma Kara Yōsei-tachi e"(天馬から妖精たちへ)

February 7, 2011
As Zero fires on Nirvana, Blue Pegasus's ship Christina, held together by Lyon, Sherry, and Ren, destroy one of Nirvana's legs and cause it to miss. Hibiki relays the details of the plan to stop Nirvana: within 20 minutes, the six legs of Nirvana must be destroyed at the same time. As Natsu goes to the location of first Lacrima to fight Zero, Jellal follows him after regaining some of his memory.
66 "The Power of Feelings"

"Omoi no Chikara"(想いの力)

February 14, 2011
Having told Wendy to destroy the sixth Lacrima in his place, Jellal appears at the first Lacrima and gives Natsu the "Flame of Guilt". Natsu consumes the flame and enters Dragon Force for his fight against Zero and they power up for the final blow. Meanwhile, everyone reaches their respective destinations and wait for the right moment to strike.
67 "I'm With You"

"Watashi ga Tsuiteru"(私がついている)

February 21, 2011
As everyone gathers their strength for the final blow, Natsu is consumed by Zero's "Genesis Zero" attack. As he floats in the world of nothing, Igneel's voice speaks to him and he breaks free, defeating Zero and manages to destroy Nirvana's legs along with his allies, resulting in Nirvana's destruction.
68 "A Guild for the Sake of a Single Person"

"Tatta Hitori no Tame no GIRUDO"(たった一人の為のギルド)

February 28, 2011
Agents from the government dispatched to the site of Nirvana's fall arrest Jellal; when everyone else resists, Erza stops them and urges the officials to take Jellal away, though she is devastated by the outcome. As everyone recovers at Cait Shelter, it is revealed that the entire guild was an illusion created by the spirit of its guild master for Wendy's sake. With Nirvana's destruction, the spirit has fulfilled its purpose and Cait Shelter vanishes. As Wendy is left behind crying, Erza invites her to join Fairy Tail.
69 "Call of the Dragon"

"Ryū no Izanai"(竜の誘い)

March 7, 2011
After saying goodbye to the Alliance the group returns to Fairy Tail, where Wendy and Charle are warmly welcomed. Erza encounters a mage with Requip magic similar to hers, while Gray tells Natsu that a woman named Daphne says that she met a dragon. When Natsu and Wendy go the Inn where she lives, they are caught in a trap arranged by Daphne. After trying to escape Gray suddenly comes in and challenges Natsu to their ultimate fight.
70 "Natsu vs. Gray!"

"Natsu vs. Gurei!!"(ナツvs.グレイ!!)

March 14, 2011
Gray and Natsu are fighting with all their power while everyone at Fairy Tail begin to worry. When Erza and Lucy decided to go and find their freinds, they encounter beasts that mimic their abilities. When Natsu is finally caught, Daphne reveals a handmade dragon designed to drain Natsu's power.
71 "Friendship Will Overcome the Dead"

"Tomo ha Shikabane wo Koete"(友は屍を越えて)

March 21, 2011
As Daphne absorbs Natsu's magical power, Erza and other members of Fairy Tail fight their doppelgangers. Meanwhile, Gray must face the consequences of betraying Fairy Tail. When Natsu recalls how he promised to defeat anyone who control dragons, he resolves to die with the dragon to save his friends.
72 "Fairy Tail Wizards"

"Fearī Teiru no Madōshi"(フェアリーテイルの魔導士)

March 28, 2011
With Natsu still inside the artificial dragon, Fairy Tail's dilemna becomes whether to save Natsu or destroy the dragon in order to prevent Magnolia's destruction. When Makarov learns the reason behind why Gray betrayed Fairy Tail, he provides Gray with a plan that will save Natsu and Magnolia.
73 "Rainbow Sakura"

"Niji no Sakura"(虹の桜)

April 4, 2011
When Lucy catches a cold after a mission in the mountains with Natsu and their friends, she is unable to go to Fairy Tail's annual flower watching. Because Natsu can't have fun knowing Lucy has been left out, he and Happy uproot a cherry tree so that Lucy can see it.
74 "Wendy's First Big Job!"

"Wendi, Hajimete no ōshigoto!?"(ウェンディ、初めての大仕事!?)

April 11, 2011
For Wendy's first big job, she finds work at the theatre troupe that once hired Natsu, Gray, Erza, and Lucy. However, a fight with Charle means that she is going to Onibus alone. When her friends learn the train to Onibus isn't working, everyone rushes to help Wendy. When they all arrive in Onibus, they learn that their services were not needed and collapse in exhaustion; Wendy's first big job becomes moving her friends out of the way.
75 "The 24-Hour Endurance Road Race"

"24 Jikantaikyū Rōdoresu"(24時間耐久ロードレース)

April 16, 2011
A 24 hour race begins as all the Fairy Tail members race to get Wyvern Scales from the top of Mt. Ivor and return to the starting line. No one is allowed to drop out and flying magic is not permitted, though that doesn't dampen Happy's determination to win.
76 "Gildarts"


April 23, 2011
Gildarts has finally come back to Fairy Tail after three years on a hundred year quest and has news for Natsu concerning Igneel.
77 "Earthland"

"Āsu Rando"(アースランド)

April 30, 2011
Wendy finally meets Mystogan, whom she had known as Jellal in her childhood. In spite of his best efforts, he reveals he is unable to stop Anima, a powerful magic that will destroy all of Magnolia. As Wendy warn Fairy Tail of its impending demise, light shines down from the sky and the city disappears, leaving only Wendy, Natsu, Happy, and Charle behind.
78 "Edolas"


May 7, 2011
After the disappearance of Magnolia and Fairy Tail, Charle reveals that everything has been taken to an alternate world - Edolas, where she and Happy originally came from. Because Natsu and Wendy are Dragonslayers, they were immune to the Anima were regarded as a threat to Edolas; thus, Charle and Happy were sent to destroy them. Determined to rescue their friends, Natsu, Wendy, and Happy follow Charle's lead to reach Edolas, where they discover the Edolas version of Fairy Tail.
79 "Fairy Hunting"

"Yōsei Gari"(妖精狩り)

May 14, 2011
Natsu, Wendy, Charle and Happy are stunned to discover a very different version of Fairy Tail in Edolas, but it is clear that they are not the same Fairy Tail they know and love. However, before any questions can be answered, the Edolas Fairy Tail is attacked by Fairy Hunter, Erza Knightwalker.
80 "Key of Hope"

"Kibō no Kagi"(希望の鍵)

May 21, 2011
After a narrow escape from Erza Knightwalker, Natsu's group decides to head to the capital of Edolas on their own to save their friends, despite warnings from the Edolas Fairy Tail. However, they soon find themselves guided by Lucy Ashley, Lucy's Edolas counterpart, and Natsu and Wendy are shocked to discover that their magic does not work in Edolas.
81 "Fireball"


May 28, 2011
In the capital, Natsu and Wendy are surprised to find their Lucy alive and fully capable of using her magic. After Edolas Lucy and Earthland Lucy become acquainted with one another, Natsu's group escapes from the Royal Army and takes refuge in a hotel. When their plan to sneak aboard a Royal Army airship fails, they are saved by the timely arrival of the driver of a 4-wheeled vehicle - the Edolas version of Natsu.
82 "Welcome Home"


June 4, 2011
Earthland Lucy, Natsu, Wendy, Charle, and Happy reach the Royal City, where they find a Lacrima made from the magical energy of Magnolia. To save their friends, Charle reveals that she has had information about Edolas flowing into her head since they arrived, and the group devises a plan based on getting close to the King of Edolas and having Lucy use Gemini to learn how to transform the Lacrima back. Their plan is foiled when they are ambushed by Erza Knightwalker, whose forces exalt Happy and Charle as beings known as "Exceeds."
83 "Extalia"


June 11, 2011
Because Natsu and Wendy are Dragonslayers, they are locked up and wind up discovering a secret about the Exceed. Happy and Charle are brought to Extalia, the home of the Exceed, and learn the reason why they were sent to Earthland in the first place. Meanwhile, Edolas Gajeel plans a distraction so Earthland Gajeel can attempt to destory the lacrima that holds his friends.
84 "Fly! To Your Friends!"

"Tobe! Tomo no Moto ni!"(飛べ! 友のもとに!)

June 18, 2011
After hearing about their mission, Happy and Charle run away from the kingdom and end up with two mysterious cats, Lucky and Marl, who's egg had been taken by the queen to be used in the Dragon's Slayer Extermination Project. And Happy and Charle's hearts have been shaken by the kingdom and by what they think they had done. Will Happy and Charle find strength within their own hearts to go save their friends? It is implied that Lucky and Marl are actually Happy's parents.
85 "Code ETD"

"Kōdo ETD"(コードETD)

June 25, 2011
Happy and Charle rush back to the city to save their friends. Meanwhile, Lucy is imprisoned and she pleads Erza Knightwalker to let her go and save her friends. The Edolas Erza attempts to kill Lucy by dropping her from the tower with her spear. But Happy and Charles save Lucy from her fall. Charles finds out Natsu and Wendy's location. The magic-crazed King activates Code ETD (Exceed Total Destruction)on the Exceeds that were after Charles and Happy, turning them into lacrima. Erza ambushes the three of them, but Earthland Erza and Gray step in to save their comrades.
86 "Erza vs. Erza"

"Eruza vs. Eruza"(エルザ vs. エルザ)

July 2, 2011
Gray, Lucy, and Charle went to rescue Natsu and Wendy while Earthland Erza hold off Erza Knightwalker. Happy went off to get Gajeel so he can rescue the rest of Fairy Tail members that has been turned into lacrima. In Edolas, Dragon Slayer power is capable of doing that. Apparently, the king is planning to use the floating lacrima as a bomb to destroy Extalia. After the Dragon Slayers' rescue, Wendy and Charle went to Extalia to warn the Exceeds about the danger that is about to be brought. While searching for the king, Natsu, Gray, and Lucy are intercepted by Hughes and Sugarboy. Meanwhile, Gajeel is being held off by Panther Lily.
87 "It's Life!!!!"

"Inochi Darō ga!!!!"(命だろーが!!!!)

July 9, 2011
Natsu,Gray and Lucy engage in battle to save their friends and the Exceeds from being destroyed against Royal Army Captains, Hughes and Sugarboy, and the Chief of Staff of the Royal Army of Edolas, Byro. Coco steals the key to the Dragon Chain Cannon, the weapon required to fuse the lacrima island with Extalia. While Lucy thought she was still chased by monsters she and Coco bumped each other. Coco thinks twice whether to give the key to Lucy or not. Byro chases after Coco, and tells her to give him the keys. To the confusion of Lucy,she thought he wanted her keys. She then engages in battle to Byro.
88 "The Great River of Stars is for Pride" (Coming Soon)...

"Hoshi no Taiga wa Hokori no Tame ni"(星の大河は誇りの為に)

July 16, 2011
89 "The Doomsday Dragon Chain Cannon" (Coming Soon)...

"Shūen no Ryūsahō"(終焉の竜鎖砲)

July 23, 2011
90 "The Boy from That Time" (Coming Soon)...

"Ano Toki no Shōnen"(あの時の少年)

July 30, 2011
91 "Dragon Sense" (Coming Soon)...


August 6, 2011


# Title Original Release Date
1 "Welcome to Fairy Hills!!"

"Yōkoso Fearī Hiruzu"(ようこそ フェアリーヒルズ!!)

April 15, 2011
Lucy notices a mysterious hand-written request in which the client is looking for an object located in Fairy Tail's female dormitory, Fairy Hills. To ensure that the job is not a prank, she goes to verify it. Once she reaches the dormitory, she learns that the client is Hilda, the dorm's head, who asks her to find a "shining treasure" while wearing an embarrassing cat outfit.
2 "Fairy Academy - Yankee-kun and Yankee-chan!"

"Yōsei Gakuen Yankee-kun to Yankee-chan"(妖精学園 ヤンキーくんとヤンキーちゃん)

June 17, 2011
Lucy Heartfilia is a transfer student at Fairy Academy. So are Natsu, Wendy, Erza, Gray, and the gang. But with such unpredictable classmates in Fairy Academy, trouble is not far ahead. A rival school is causing trouble for the gang, Gajeel and Juvia at the head, and Natsu and Gray set out to stop them. Meanwhile, Erza, the class president, is experiencing romance issues about handsome stranger.